The Bridge Companies LLC was formed to operate as a broad based mortgage services investment organization. The Firm has assembled a group of highly experienced professionals with backgrounds in all of the sector's core services. The company holds ownership stakes in two distinct but integrated companies:

The Bridge Asset Management, LLC provides portfolio management and advisory work through effective evaluation and management of US residential mortgage assets. An innovative use of strategic alliances creates an effective and efficient approach to correcting mortgage asset issues. The depth of our alliances produces a variety of solutions for our corporate clients and allows us to offer a turn key solution for the client corporation's needs.

The Bridge Mortgage and Financial Services, LLC was formed with the intention of becoming a nationally recognized mortgage services company that provides these services to the public through both retail and wholesale origination channels. Additionally, the Firm provides servicing and information functions. The firm is building a culture of strict discipline and responsible lending. The basis for the growth of the company is its recruitment, training, and retention of like-minded professionals that will form a successful foundation for sustainable growth and profit. The divisions within this organization are:

The Bridge Home Loans, LLC a retail and private label mortgage origination platform

The Bridge Mortgage Servicing, LLC an organization formed to provide excellent support for our mortgage customers whether they be pools owned by BMFS or those owned by firms that are part of a documented strategic alliances with BMFS

The Bridge Title and Evaluation Services, LLC a group created to provide the very important ancillary services that add to the mortgage customers' overall experience.

The Bridge Companies, the management group and shareholders also seek to expand into activities that are financial in nature and complementary to our activities, including: consumer banking, insurance transactions, investment advisory, and real estate development activities.