The Bridge Asset Management, LLC strives to provide effective advice on important loan portfolio decisions to our corporate clients. Our clients can count on the judgment that comes from years of successful experience managing a variety of mortgage products . Our insights have been derived from our deeply analytical approach and our broad based understanding of the entire mortgage process, which includes the marketing and origination stages and works through securitization.

Our experienced consulting and management teams and evaluation infrastructure are scalable and we have the ability handle portfolio evaluations from $5 million to over $5 billion. We offer an array of solutions across the industry including origination, fulfillment, loss mitigation, special servicing, valuation, due diligence, and whole loan sales.

Our opportunistic use of strategic alliance programs alongside our in-house management abilities allows for turnkey solutions to many of the problems that confront owners of mortgage assets. These solutions are a result of substantial analysis and by matching the skill set of the strategic partner with the difficulty of the client's situation. BAM prides itself on timely and accurate reporting, which allows clients to make quick adjustments and decisions as the performance of their assets is positively impacted by our activities and results.

Our extensive background in the management of these types of assets allows us to build relationships that directly align the interests of all parties.